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EuroService Solutions Italian Real Estate offers all the services needed to accomplish a real estate transaction for Italian and foreign private individuals, families and companies.


  • THE PERFECT PROPERTY FOR YOU: Find properties in your ideal location in Italy by filling in the ONLY FOR YOU form 
  • PRE-SALE REAL ESTATE VALUATIONS: we can provide a certified appraisal of your property, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • NEW DEVELOPMENTS: we manage the selling and/or letting process of new units on behalf of the builders;
  • TURNKEY FORMULA: we collaborate with an experienced team of planners and construction firms, at your disposal for restoration plans and furnishing advice;
  • COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES: we provide effective and personalized marketing strategies for our clients’ commercial properties; 
  • FINANCIAL ADVICE: formulation of personalized financial strategies for any kind of investment;
  • FINANCE ADVICE: this service is intended to make you find your way about in the difficult Italian fiscal system concerning real estate, business, industrial and agricultural properties;
  • REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION IN ENGLISH: do you need help? We can follow you through every step of the buying process in English;
  • TENDER CONSULTANCY: in collaboration with EtruriaGare, we provide comprehensive solutions to submit tenders in the following sectors: Works, Services and Supplies;
  • CERTIFICATIONS: S0A, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, ISO 15001, MODEL 231 PURSUANT TO LEGISLATIVE DECREE 2001: for all these services, we will arrange for you a meeting with EtruriaGare; 
  • UPKEEP OF OPEN SPACES: in collaboration with Natura Italiana we can provide you the upkeep of all the open spaces and land comprised in your estates. 
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE: if you need three or more of our services, our all-inclusive formula is the best solution for you. 




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